Talk about myself according to conventional PR theory?
I'm Lucy. *waves*

I’m Lucy. *waves*

Um, sorry. I’d rather poke myself in the eye. Hard.
But here goes…



I’ve been reading since I could balance a stone tablet on my lap. Always had my nose in a book, even during inopportune times we won’t talk about.  Progressed through Nancy Drew, classics, biographies and mysteries until I discovered romance. Game over.
Romance novels have been an integral part of my life for over 40 years. (Now you know about how old I am). I write to tell the stories of fierce females who face their fears (I love alliteration!) to shake up the world.



For 25 years, I’ve been a small business consultant providing management and technical assistance to people who want to start or grow a business. I’ve owned 4 businesses in my life and draw on that experience to share my special insight. Clients call it slap therapy. *evil laugh*
I love music (classical, alternative, new age, oldies, pop rock, R&B) but write to only instrumental. No lyrics because I’ll want to sing and I’m not coordinated enough to sing and type at the same timeFactoid no one knows — I auditioned for a rock band back in 19*koff*5.
I loved cooking until I owned a catering company for 6 years. Now I love restaurants. Too bad I have crazy food sensitivities that make eating out difficult.
I’m an unabashed animal lover. Fred usually sat beside me when I wrote. His critiques were hysterical when I read my work out loud.



My husband Garage Guy doesn’t understand my book obsession but we muddle along. I tolerate his golf habit. He puts up with sloppy nonexistent housekeeping and late dinners when I’m writing. Bless his heart. Yes, that’s a sarcastic Southern term and fits my snarky viewpoint.
I’m addicted to cheese. And chocolate, preferably dark.
I’ve traveled through 49 states, Canada and Mexico. My deepest travel secret is to see the Sistine Chapel in Italy before I die. I blame my 10th grade English teacher when I did a book report on The Agony and the Ecstasy.
I love shoes but am usually barefoot all year.
I love hats (could you guess?).
I’m always on the lookout for natural, inexpensive products and make my own laundry soap, cleaners, and personal care items.
I read cookbooks like they were novels and collect cheesecake recipes (it’s a disease).
I adore talking with people about books and stories they love. Especially romance.


I don’t have a dirty mind, just a sexy imagination.