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Belle Chene

Book 2 in the Sultry Savannah Series


He seeks atonement.

Stoney Carrington loves his life. Successful corporate attorney. Tantra practitioner. Defender of the underdog. Connoisseur of women. But his playboy facade masks the inescapable failure in his soul from one twenty-year-old mistake. Serious relationships are a reward and not for the undeserving. The penance doled out by his inner demon assures Stoney’s search for redemption will never end.


She seeks the truth.

McKenna Beaumont operates by the perceived strength of her female ancestors. Living up to the ideal is tough even on a good day. Her independence scares off most men but her precocious daughter and thriving business keep her grounded. When the inheritance of her beloved ancestral home is challenged, she refuses to be the first Beaumont to fail. Losing Belle Chene is not an option. Except, it is.
A warehouse renovation brings them together and they discover ancient sexual practices are addictive, family secrets can destroy, and love brings peace to a willing heart.


Warning – Contains graphic language, tantric sex, older characters, workplace romance, a paranormal empath, interactions with spiders, and a stuffed zebra named Mr. Peabody.


Belle Chene is a standalone novel although characters from 42 Rue de Jardin make appearances. For best enjoyment and to avoid spoilers, reading the series in order is recommended.



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What Others are Saying…

The sexual tension between Mac and Stoney was well done without going overboard, and their relationship was mature without being boring. Incorporating tantra into the relationship gave the story another edge and set it apart from other books. I especially enjoyed how it was used outside of the sexual situations.   Rach Lawrence Books


It has beautiful details, romance, tantra (woohoo), history and intrigue and you definitely can not go wrong with this book.   Dione


Breathless, that is how I can explain the trip from point A to Z in this story. Grab your copy now, what are you waiting for? We have a great book that is hidden on the market and if you haven’t read about Stoney you are really missing out on something glorious.   T London


The writing is so tight and perfect that I can’t believe this author isn’t on a bestseller list. Suspense, sex and well developed characters are what I look for in a good read, and boy did I get it here. Total page turner – and many twists and turns…you will LOVE this book!   JenTheRiot