42 Rue de Jardin  

First in the Sultry Savannah Series

The streets of Savannah have stories to tell…

One determined Alpha male. A woman whose faith in love is shattered. Tantric sex. Could be a disaster or maybe a path to healing.
What happens when your romance novel fantasies collide with your reality? Forty-something Cullan Davis almost has it all. Loving family, friends, successful business, community activist – and no sex life.
A chronic, disfiguring skin disease and past abuse left physical and emotional scars that prevent her from believing in relationship possibilities. Resigned to being alone, she compensates by living vicariously through the heroines in her beloved romance novels. When her real-life lust from afar notices her, panic sets in. She cannot possibly get involved. Her scars are too deep. No man wants a self-proclaimed freak, do they?
Royce Jacobson is a wealthy philanthropist, single parent of a twenty-year-old daughter and womanizing player. Practicing his own version of tantric sex, he subscribes to the love ’em and leave ’em satisfied mentality. He wants to add Cullan to his conquest list but discovers vulnerability in her, touching a part of him he didn’t know existed. She’s an enigma. And Royce excels at solving puzzles. He’s convinced Tantra can break through her reserves… if only she would cooperate.
Flawed self-perception, meet ancient sexual practices. BOOM.

*Contains explicit scenes and language.




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What Others are Saying…

The sex scenes in this book are hot but what I loved was how sensual the writing of the sex scenes were. They are written so realistic that you can feel the light touch of the feather, the massage of his hands, and the heat of their kisses. You will need to cool off after reading them.    Nerd Girl Official


I loved the main characters. They developed a steamy relationship amidst a lot of suspense. I look forward to reading more from Lucy Lit as she seems to cater to the over 40 crowd with her plot. I could really relate to the body issues of the heroine and the hero? Well, let’s just say I wanted to package him in a gift box with a big blue bow and send him to some of my single friends. 🙂 More delectable than chocolate.    Julie


If you want a book that discusses love, sex and romance between people who are more mature, settled & less angst, check this book & author out!   Twolf Mom


It’s just finally a book that is not some teenage version of love and sex but something a grown adult woman can read and appreciate. And I must admit I would love to meet Royce.   CS


It fulfilled all the typical lust factors but delivered much more — a romance novel with as many ideas as orgasms!    Vieille